Al 'Azifoon (The Musicians) Al 'Azifoon performs classical and traditional Arabic music on traditional acoustic instruments.

Middle Eastern Classics

The Musicians of
Al 'Azifoon

Al 'Azifoon is an Arabic “Taht” -- a chamber group specializing in classical and traditional Arabic music.
“Al 'Azifoon" in Arabic is a plural noun which literally means “The Instrumentalists

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Yosifah Rose

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Al 'Azifoon's Guest Star Professional Percussionists:

Al 'Azifoon is fortunate to also be able to collaborate with the following phenomenal professional percussionists, who also perform with their own musical groups throughout Northern California, including:

Cynthia Rutherford -- a highly respected professional Middle Eastern percussionist and founder of the band Flowers of the Nile, based in Sacramento, CA.

Cynthia Rutherford performing with Al 'Azifoon, Rossmoor, CA, October 2011. Cynthia Rutherford, Professional Middle Eastern Percussionist

Mary Ellen Donald -- a nationally acclaimed author, teacher, and professional Middle Eastern percussionist based in Oakland, CA
(shown here with Terry Holgate, one of her former students and frequent musical partner).
Nathan Craver, Yosifah Rose, Mary Ellen Donald, Terry Holgate - performing at Bacheesos, Oakland, CA  November 2012.

Tim Bolling -- a versatile professional percussionist who performs with a variety of different musical groups - in genres as varied as rock, blues, funk, R&B, reggae, and jazz - as well as World Music styles such as Middle Eastern, African, Latin, and Brazilian.
Tim Bolling.

Above photos by Scott Belding, Carl F. Sermon, Khalilah Samah, and Nathan Craver

Al 'Azifoon is now on Facebook and YouTube!

We thank Al 'Azifoon Alumnus, including Angela, Audrey, David, Hector, Niko, Sarah,
and most especially Zaid Ali who played with Al 'Azifoon as our lead percussionist for many, many years.
We wish Zaid continued success in his many endeavors.
We sincerely appreciate the contributions that each of these former Al 'Azifoon members brought to our music.

Al 'Azifoon with Zaid Ali
Al 'Azifoon performing 2010 at Sharifa's Creekside Studio Hafla with former lead percussionist Zaid Ali.


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