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Please see the Song List page on our Web site for further information about the songs!

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A taqsim is a (usually) slow instrumental improvisation, appropriate for sword or veil dancing:

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Accordion (if Ling Shien is playing)
Ney (if Ling Shien is playing)

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Drummer's Choice
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A drum solo is a fun, upbeat improvised duet between the percussionist and the dancer - don't be afraid to try!

NOTE: Due to the overwhelming number of requests for drum solos (and the wear and tear on our drummers), we must limit the number of drum solos per evening. At the beginning of the evening, the drummer will draw names for the drum solos for the evening. (Note that Featured Instructors and House Dancers are exempt from the drawing, as they are guaranteed drum solos if they wish.) To be included in the drawing, please check the 'Yes' box below:

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Dancers' Night Featured Instructors and House Dancers may request additional songs for 'Get-Em-Ups':

Audience Participation Song 1:

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Audience Participation Song 3:

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